Asea Testimonials

Today we heard several Asea Testimonials

We just opened up the floor on this call for anyone who wanted to share their Asea Testimonials. There is a common thread in all of them. Asea has allowed their bodies to do what it was designed to do. They have found balance and overall better health. Their bodies are functioning the way that they need to.

Lauri Jensen

Three years ago I had a friend that had come to my house and suggested I look at a product. I had been associated with different products for quite some time over my life in North Ogden and I told her I’d love to look at it, I’m kind of an open-minded gal and I had some vein issues at the time that I was contemplating some surgery and some things that I was going to do and so my appeal to this was not to be able to go through and finish out these appointments that I had made with these doctors.

So when I had signed up for the product, I had my four cases brought into me and drank those up and about three months into the process of trying out ASEA, I realized that the veins and the pressure that I had had subdued so much. And I was amazed at how I felt! I could go out and take my walks in the morning and not have to come home and elevate my legs for an hour or two and then be able to go to work. I work a job that I’m up and down stairs a lot and it was quite in-cumbersome at the time so this was quite a treat to just be able to function throughout the day, take care of my family, and just be able to go back to work and do what I had to do as my job there.

I drive a school bus here in my area. I have for twelve years now and I chase these kids around and I am in and out a lot. And this has been a fun job, I’ve really enjoyed working with the school children, but I just cannot see myself retiring in this job. So my goal right now is to be able to replace that income and work this ASEA business with my team and be able to enjoy that luxury of not having that every two hours running for a bus schedule. And I don’t mean to throw my friends, my bus drivers, under the bus, but I don’t want to do this to retirement age. I am going to do something else with my life.

I love ASEA. I am ASEA.

Katie Beck

After struggling with lots of health issues, I found Asea and have had incredible results. At my 6 month check up, my doctor said my levels were completely normal and instead of needing to come back in 6 months, I didn’t have to come back for a year. Asea has given me my life back. I can be the mom I need to be and that I want to be. Asea allowed my body to do what it is capable of doing… healing itself.

Joyce Bowler

I have been on Asea for three years, but in the first year, my son needed to have his tonsils out so I knew Asea would allow his body to heal faster after his surgery. At his three week post opp appointment, the doctor warned us there would still be white pockets that were still healing and that the healing takes a little longer. When he checked his throat he said he couldn’t tell if he had had his tonsils removed three weeks ago or THREE YEARS AGO! We also noticed lots of improvement in his behavior and learning abilities. It has allowed his body to be balanced and giving his body what it needed that he wasn’t getting earlier.

Special Guests: Lauri Jensen, Joyce Bowler, and Katie Beck

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